Friday, September 10, 2010

*Lovely Experience*

Scribbled Origin: I might have told this many time, just writing it here.

Everything Anew, Happy Love. Creation 1st March 2007 (Trigger: 26th feb 2am)

Around 2007 feb - march times, I used to drive back from office to home at around 2am ish, while driving back in my motor bike, usually I would be singing in mind, one of the songs from the regional languages (Kannada, Telugu & Tamil ), Hindi & English, and drive home back.

A joyful ride it was, on feb 26th, my mind rushed into thinking, what the heck, a song written by someone, music by someone, sung by someone. There I go, a thought got drilled, in, make my own song and tune.

A new beginning had to be about love, a guy just falling in and thinking about love sounded killer. A lovely experience was written, kind of 3 day work, lot of scribbling on the paper.

Inspired: During this time around "Anisutide" Kannada Mungaru Male was one of the frequent song that was in my mind and so forms "Anipistundi" as first word of the song. Also, "Andam nee pera, Anandam nee oora" from this song, "Andam nuvandiga, Anandam nenandiga" was made. Rest all just as came into my mind.

*Lovely Experience*
Its weird, feels so anew
as if this day has born for us,
Beauty is you, Happiness is me
|| Its weird, feels so anew ||

Its now or whenever, tune born in my heart
In dreams, in intuition, you are there in my heart.
A new venture thats begun, anew hope within me
wanna live this moment, anxious to see you,
what's this
|| Its weird, feels very anew
as if lover has asked me to love ||

Sweetest are your memories, poem of my dream
you are feel of my song, life of my breath .
With testimony of love, with purity I take owe
my every breathe is to sacrifice for you.
|| This weird feel, love seems good
every moment in love, feels so anew ||

Traction in love, is mesmerizing this moment
every moment feels, love itself is life.
Its good to love, lets all love...

Well this is a broken translated version of original song.

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