Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Coconut Tree

The night before 'Cap Discovery', it was somewhere around 2am. Very chilling cold, of course it was December winter. Our gang this time me, HB, Kishore and Anni had ganged up on MP hall Green house terrace (climbed through pipes) only for the hunger of "Elneeru". Intuitively decided that I will be going on the tree through tree branches (using as bridge from terrace to tree), I used to be thin and swift (Identified as niche capabilities for our Nightmare works). People on the terrace were already hurrying me by asking me to pass on the coconuts. There were two ways we used to pass on the coconuts,
1. Roll out the coconuts through our bridges (branches of the tree extending to meet the terrace).
2. Throw and catch the coconuts.

Going ahead with option 2, I started throwing the coconuts, amateur Kishore has dropped one of the coconut which obviously had made us very angry, because its not only crime dropping coconut, but someone else will get to relish the "Elneer" of the poor nut. Dropping of coconut made a huge noise in the plethora of calmness, which would easily alarm detective Ananthachari/Veeranna/Papanna.
This time may be we had been more Innovative, Kishore took out his lungi (Nightwear/Freewear instead of shorts/nickers). HB and Kishore together tried catching the coconuts. I had sweat in the cold coconut tree, in the congested place I was placed, identify the right coconut with more "Elneer", throw with right trajectory path so that coconut would fall in our nest. This time around mistake again one more nut dropped. The thundering sound of coconut falling reckoned Ananthachari. HB signeled SOS. We all swiftly moved all our coconuts to Godown. Cleared the place in no time, so busy me never realised I wore a monkey cap for the work that day. Monkey cap a saviour armor lost it somewhere on the coconut tree. Which eventually led to "Cap Discovery".