Monday, February 25, 2008

Funny, Laugh N Laugh Aloud.

Hey guys ( ಅಭಿಮಾನಿಗಳೆ ), awfully, I have written a funny song. If you want it to be more funny, just imagine me singing in my monkey voice. Its just I liked the concept, so I have done. Please click on the pic for better view of the song. Just ensure that your laughing throughout thinking that, its by me :D.... Usage: Click on the image for better view.

Broken English translation.

Silent poem broke heart

Oh leaf less tree,
A truth that became lie.
Heartbroken situation
Is loneliness your win?

There came an unwished desire,
and so mistaken behavior unknowingly.
Dream living in the edge of my eye,
why are you anger on me,
rigid silent heart,
pardon me right now.
Heartbroken silent situation,
is loneliness all left for you.

Unforgettable memories,
is burning me, in this cold wind,
Every happy moment we spent,
is sweetest drug, but poison.
Life is turning, barren land,
and there buds, worries coffin.
Heartbroken silent situation
is loneliness your life.

Hey, sun that was red
throw me out of pain of darkness.
Hurt hearts desire,
doesn't understand destinies language.
Learn feelings of this friend,
enjoy being a girl friend.
Silent poem that broke heart,
with love, break this silence.

Usage: Click on the image for better view.