Sunday, September 12, 2010

Immortal Beauty

Haven't I told about you my Alaskan experience, the enlightenment that I had? From then on, my whole perception about Nature has changed so much, and so my sense of enjoying in recreations on National Parks. After Alaska, at Glacier National park and at Mount Rainier National park, I was having this high sense of elated and kind of afloat that I felt when I was in these national park was incredible feel.

You know, how tiny we are in front of Nature, but I started to have these feelings where I grow as huge as them and feel like hugging the humongous mountains, this feel resulted in a small poem that is presented in the picture below, this was done while doing Mount Rainier hike, which took around 3 hrs, didn't have a paper and pen, whole thing was scribbled and written in mind.

Broken English version.

Immortal Beauty
Nature, such a tiny I
imagination making me huge,
as huge as you in size
lol, my life in craziness.

Mesmerizing, many colors of you,
simple is your good looks.
How shall I appreciate your beauty,
I shall get a mirror in front of you.
greedy me,
your closeness would ease me.

should I just stand beside you,
enjoy all happenings as you.
I wish to learn, weight you behold,
relishing juice of difficulties.
Selfish me,
your sacrifices would correct me

This accidental closeness,
has locked me in affectionate jail.
Sway me in your cradle,
may I hug you.
Rage me,
your peace would cool me.

Should I worship, love of this time
Nature, you are Immortal beauty.

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prasanth said...

first class poem

prasanth said...

first class sirr